Wednesday, August 11, 2004

DR/Magic Weapons

I am working on a hybrid of 3.5 and AU DR rules for the Malaan game. I like the way Monte Cook explains it in the most recent
DMs Only.
I think I will be incorporating something like that as well.
The gist is as follows.
We will keep the AU designation of DR5/+1 DR5/+2 etc.. and add the 3.5 designators of Silver, Holy, etc...(Though not alignements) (I may introduce some of my own as well). At higher plusses, the magical bonus of a weapon will override the lower powered designators...
Probably a little higher than Monte's though.
Silver or +3, Holy or + 4, etc...
I will produce a chart with this in the near future and add it to the rules page. Any comments in the mean time?


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