Monday, July 12, 2004

Operation Arachi Freedom

The party returns safely to Arrowhail and conveys their findings to Del Shauna. She urges an immediate return to deal with this threat, and she asks that the party keep quiet about the training manual so as not to tip their hand to whomever produced it. Sajsan, who suffered greatly from the poison, decided to stay back and heal up, and maybe snoop around to figure out who might have produced the document. The party gets healed up and looks for someone to help them return to the Goblin weave warren. They find a Sibbecai totem warrior, Kharbouk, who agrees to go with them.
The return without incident to the weave warren, but discover that the goblins and spiders have sealed up the entrance. They burn their way through the webs in into the main tunnel. They have a brief fight with a few medium spiders when suddenly the tunnel collapses when a huge tree is dropped on them from above. Everyone except Rhodri is entangled in the web and takes some damage. They fight the goblins that set off the trap and make quick work of them. Still they are wounded and winded, and take a few moments to heal up and press on. They make it the main hall and find a strange note attached to the stuatue. They try to decipher it and while doing so hear a strange noise like a snare drum. They look in horror to see dozens of spiders of various sizes stampeding towards them. Acting quickly Melkior casts a spell creating a great wall in the canyon causing many of the spiders to be squashed as they race into it. The rest are stopped and then scatter over the wall into the wastelands above. What caused the stampede, or where they went in unknown, but the spiders do not return. The party makes to the sleeping quarters and is attacked by surprise by goblins in the webbing, and two large spiders. A pitched battle ensues, but the party is victorious. They clear the dead and burn into the cylinder of webs to find a deep hole. They attach a sun rod to a goblin and throw the body down. It lands some 150 feet down. They start the long journey down and about have way are confronted by a large spider swarm. Deciding not to deal with them there, they jump off the wall and Melkior casts a Safe Fall to bring them safely to the floor. The floor is the top of a domed building, there is a crack large enough for them to slide down. They drop a rope and begin climbing down. The spider swarms catch up with them, and the party descends quickly and moves for cover.
Some moments later they find themselves in a dead end with the spider swarm approaching. The concoct a plan, of sorts, to target them using Rhodri as bait. He stands near the entrance, and lets the spiders attack him. At the same time Melkior casts a Fire burst at them both. The results are effective, the spiders are dead, but not without cost, Rhodri is seriously injured, and poisoned.
They examine the walls and architecture of the place and come torealize that this was probably an ancient Dramojh site. Such places are feared and respected by those in the know. There they also discover two unusual things that lead them to believe they are in some kind of Power Cyst; the first is that with some practice first Melkior and then Bael are able to power spells using the ambient magical force in the area. The second is that everyone begins to heal their ability damage at a rapid rate (1pt/hour).
During this discovery they are surprised to find themselves trapped in the room by rubble dropped down the hole, blocking the dome. But with the enhanced magical abilities of the cyst, Melkior is about to cast a Fly on Kharbouk who ascends to the block and digs it out with his pick. They re-afix the rope and ascend the tunnel. Using an object which grants him the power of illusions, Kharbouk hides their ascent. Still they are attacked as they rise from the hole. A pitched battle ensues, against several goblins, their witch-leader and the huge wolf spider. The party is victorious!
They prepare to clear out the area and burn it to the ground.
Hero Point - Melkior for numerous instances of quick thinking with his spells (stampede/wall, swarm/safe fall)
Hero Point - Bael for hanging back and sucking up damage from the spider swarms so the others could get down
Hero Point - Rhodri for his willingness to risk himself to target the spider swarms


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