Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Totem Warriors - Three

Okay so, I am still working on the Totem Warrior Alternatives for Animal Companions.
I am considering the following... Totem Points.
Each level of Totem Warrior grants the player one Totem Point, these are similar to Hero Points, and can be used relatively interchangeably. The difference is mainly one of manifestation, when needed the character's Totem Animal can intervene on behalf of the character (distract an attack, provide a useful clue, rouse someone to consciousness).
What do you think of this idea?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm... this may have been more of an appropriate postin totem warrior's or tw too, but...

why not deconstruct the relationships between totem warriors and their totemic allies? the animal could be a teacher; an equal partner (question: how come the totem warrior disappears evey now and then? answer: totem warrior got called away to assist and provide mysterious knowledge to an animal spirit for whom the totem warrior is an exciting and potent Other); the totem animal is a parasite who for some reason (addiction, threat, outright puppet stringiness?) exercises a great deal of coersion over the totem warrior; other characters (pc and npc) can vie for the attention of the totemic animal with just as much (?) success (play favorites); the totem warrior is there to assist the totemic creature through some process of growth, penance, development, or the like (dori of the fair folk from the chronicles of prydain); the totemic animal _is_ the totem warrior--or at least is part of her soul (as per the daemons of philip pulman's "his dark materials" trillogy; totem warriors can have something to offer the animals that other characters do not: their belief (tinkerbell), their souls (the grey wolf?), the patrilineal curse of a particular family (eddie murphy's dragon in mulaan); etc.


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