Sunday, June 20, 2004


Introducing Rhodri, the Faen Oathsworn defender of Lady Steward Del Shauna!
Rhodri finishes his evening rounds and spots something unusual. He is convinced that it is a Goblin sneaking around the town. He convinces the guard and the keep is put on alert. The next day, a prospector from the Crags reports finding a Goblin Weavewarren to the North. The Steward considers the options and decides to send her troops to burn the warren down. Rhodri suspects a posisble trap but is overruled.
Meanwhile Bael, Melkior and Ikumna arrive at Arrowhail and discharge their package. They contemplate what to do with the town going on lock down and decide to stay inside. That evening, surprise, surprise, things go awry. The bridge tower goes silent... not responding.
But with only a skeleton guard left, Del Shauna feels nervous about opening the gates to investigate. She askes for volunteers in the local inn, and Bael and Melkior agree to help.
They cross the bridge, with the gate shutting behind them and investigate the tower. They find no sign of anyone, the watch is gone with no sign of a struggle. Then just as they decide to leave, they are attacked from the rook of the tower by a swarm of spiders. They fled the tower and began to fight the spiders on the bridge.
Back in the keep, the guards keep a careful watch on the combat. Then rhodri notices a strange webbed sack attached to the top of the gate house. He alerts the guards and pulls the Steward out of harms way. When he returns the guards have already begun shooting at the egg sack. Sadly, the results are that the sack opens and drops its contents, thousands of spiders on to the guards below. With two spider swarms to deal the situation looks grim. Rhodri deals a serious blow to the swarm by dropping a barrel of water on them. Meanwhile Melkior turns his magics on the swarm on the bridge.
After a pitched battle they managed to destroy the two swarms, but not before taking many bites, and some poison damage. When the smoke clears they stand by the open gates and look across the bridge. There in the bridge tower they see several small humanoid figures, they guess these to be Goblins.


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