Tuesday, June 08, 2004

First Mini-Solos

Bael, a different kind of giant, finds himself with a job that will take him away from the civilization of Aelin. He picks up a package in the near frontier town of Jerad for transport to the distant frontier settlement of Arrowhail Keep. After picking it up he stumbles upon a strange scene. The dead bodies of several of the towns 'Home Guard' of Sibbecai Goons, and their killer a drunken Litorian by the name of Ikumna. The two are brought in for questioning, but using his magical abilities and Ikumna's brutal fighting abilities, they escape the station. They plan to leave immediately as soon as they find a guide to Arrowhail (off the beaten path). They head for the Wayward Wench, an illegal traveling bar, to obtain a guide.

Meanwhile, Melkior the Mojh Magister meets with his master Kamolan, who after seeing a Giant Knight take up residence and supervision of their monastery, urges him to leave and seek out his fortune elsewhere. He tells him of a trader/fence who had the promise of a strange icon. Melkior travels to Jerad to meet this man, Hermos, and contract for the piece. They meet, discuss prices, and are about to complete the transaction when a Giant Knight Champion of the Ward intervenes and demands the piece. In the confusion Hermos tries to run away with the piece but only gets a few paces away before being engulfed in a massive fireball.
The Giant pockets the piece and Melkior depressed decides to head for Arrowhail to seek the source of that item. He finds a guide who is planning to leave early for the distant Norwest. He contracts him, and the they head off. They meet up with Bael and Ikumna en route.

They are stopped a few miles outside of town however by the Giant Knight, and a group of Sibbecai goons from Jerad. Accusing them of murder, a fight ensues. The party is triumphant, they either knock out or scare off the group. After a brief discussion with the Giant Knight, they arrange for a truce and head off to the frontier wary of returning to civilization at all.
After weeks of travel, they make it to Arrowhail Keep, Em Tarel.


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