Saturday, June 12, 2004

Possible Rule Modifications

Okay... I am resisting the urge to modify the game rules for my AU game. But were I to do it here are some things I am thinking of.

1. Extending the 'disabled' period at negative hitpoints by the character level. Resurrection is really hard to come by in AU. So maybe death should be a little less common. Here is the idea. At 0 + Con bonus hps you are staggered, from that to your char level you are disabled, after that you are unconscious for 10 rds, then you are dead. This would make it possible to do something while under 0hp.

ex. 1st level Magister 12 con
0hps to -1hps staggered
-2 to -3hps disabled
-4 to -13hps unconscious
-14hps dead

ex. 10th level Warmain 16 Con.
0 hps to -3 hps staggered
-3 to -13 hps disabled
-14 to -23 unconscious
-24 hps = dead.

So that is a big difference, but it would help prolong people's lives.

2. Make the defensive energy and elemental spells more powerful. Currently, you cast Protection Vs Energy:Fire and get X amount of protection each round versus fire. My proposal. Protection vs. Elements protects you against all but one element. So Pro. Element/Fire gives you 12 hps elemental defense versus any element except fire. Likewise Pro. vs. Energy: Cold gives you 12hp energy defense against all energy forms except cold.
Rationale. The flexibility of the spells, make it very difficult to protect oneself against a spell caster.

Others might come up.


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