Monday, July 05, 2004


The party follows the trail of the goblins deep into the crags. They spy a likely ambush site and using Melkior's magic they confirm that there are some goblins there. They make quick work of the goblins and manage to stop their runner from alerting the tribe. They follow the trail to a dark canyon with ominous webs and tunnels. They try to burn the webs but discover it is a futile effort, They decide to press in and investigate. They face several traps before encountering some resistance. They fight a series of goblins, and spiders each timme they are successful. They press the fight deep into the canyon. After succeeding in forcing a retreat they get to a strange chamber filled with webs and cacoon-like hammocks. They face a large crowd of goblins and as soon as the move in are confronted by the biggest spider they've ever seen.
The fight goes badly. Bael is soon surrounded, the goblins press in and soon overwhelm the party. Melkior, out of spells, finds himself soon in melee, not his ideal situation. He falls unconscious to their relentless onslaught.
Thinking quickly and selflessly, Sajsan grabs her fallen comrade and even with her poisoned weakened body, she begins to drag him to safety.
About the same time, the goblins begin to wear down the might Bael. He decides to break for it and runs past the surprised goblins. The party begins to stage a careful but hasty retreat. The Goblins having suffered considerable losses and fearful losing more allow the party to retreat.
The party moves quickly back to town.

HERO POINT to Sajsan for bravely risking her life to rescue Melkior.

Any recommendations for Hero Points?


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