Sunday, June 27, 2004


Enter Sajsan, the Verrik Akashic.
When we last left our party they had just fended off the first onslaught of the Golbins and their Spidery critters. They secure the doors and shortly thereafter are sieged yet again by another group of the goblins. The second onslaught was in the form of a monstrous wolf spider with a goblin rider, and a cadre of goblin pelltasts. Bael used his animated maul and Sajsan used her bow to harry the goblins, preventing them from gaining access to the goblin. These were dispatched with some alacrity owing mostly to the bravery of Rhodri who jumped from the keep's walls atop the wokfspider and battled the rider preventing the wolfspider from gaining access to the keep. The battle was ended quickly when Melkior summoned an Ice Gorilla which made quick work of the goblins and wolf spider.
Their success lasted for an hour or so. After some of the party went to rest, there was a third attack. This was begun by the launching of spider sacks from across the river. One landed in the center of the Keep, the other hit the wall. Both burst into spider swarms. The party began to fight these, with somewhat more success than before. But then the fight was joined by another five goblins, and yet another giant spider, this one a poisonous web spinner.
The battle ensued and the party low on spells managed to overcome them with brute force. After that they saw more goblins retreating and saw this a chance for real rest. The next day brought no attacks, but they discovered the Traps were almost entirely dismantled and looted, onl a little rubish left where it stood. They kept a careful vigil that night, but no more sign of the goblins surfaced.
On the third day, the troops returned victorious having killed a single large spider, probably just a ruse, as Rhodri expected. The party met with the Steward Del Shauna who discharged Rhodri of his previous oath ( a year had passed), and asked him to take another. He would lead the party to track the Goblins back to their true lair, and either deal with them there, or report back the location so it could be dealt with by another force. If the party would agree to this mission, she would forgo the usual competition to gain her patronage for the mission to the Norwest. The party agreed and they began to prepare for this mission.

Hero Points - One to Rhodri for brave and cinematic action.

Note: Upon completion of the next mission (clearing the nest of the Goblins) the party will advance to 6th level. However long that takes.


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