Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mousers Reunion

They say you can't go home again...bah.. sure you can, if you home is on Malaan.
Years apart, nearly ten years since the last real game... and yet the gang was in good form. We all got along, we all had fun, it was a whole new and yet very familiar experience. I miss the Mousers much, but it is really great to know that we can get together and play without a problem after so much time and distance.

I really hope the gang gets together, at least some of them, and games again together. It worked well.

Suffice to say, the Mousers saved the day, helped out their old buddy Kent and got to see the future, in a sense.

Thanks for a great game guys... we'll do it again next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks steve!

had a lot of fun. i'm still trippin' on how much the mousers parted from their past ways to incorporate myrtle's ideas intop the get em plan...

i'll prolly start running a game meself in the near future.



5:20 AM  

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