Sunday, July 18, 2004

Ceremonies and Oaths

Introducing Khord the human greenbond and totem warrior
The party thoroughly searches the weave warren and dismantles it completely. They collect the loot, etch the site in their memories, and leave. They return to Em Tarel with the good news and the people of Arrowhail rejoice in knowing their freedom from the scurge of the spidereyed goblins. They are promised a party in their honor.
They enjoy the party, endure the Giant songs, and are honored by the ceremony of gratitude. The children give them flowers, the people give them single coins etched with their family runes.
Later there is a feast in their honor at the Stewards great hall. They are granted, as expected, her patronage for the mission to the mouth of the Westwash.
Melkior consumed vast quantities of alcohol.
Bael tried to rebuff the attentions of the young and beautiful Sae Alurun.
Sajsan and Rhodri speak with Racine, the wealthy explorer who kindly refuses their offer of inclusion in the mission.
He does offer the assistance of a former colleague, Khord, as a guide and expert for the exploration.

The next day, they met together and drafted an oath of association for the party.
They came together and swore the oath. SPECIAL GROUP HERO POINT (usable by party consensus)
Now confident in their trust for each other, they met with seneschal Ozwilde and firmed up the plans for their mission. They then met with Del Shauna and swore an oath to carry out the mission.

During the next week they prepare for their journey. Melkior atunes his new staff and mounts the Dragon Head Figure to it. Sajsan finds a couple of porters to join the mission. Bael, Rhodri and Khord prepare themselves and the team for the mission.


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