Saturday, January 15, 2005

Snake in the Sands

Malthus and Ferrethryn arrange for Orrik, the playboy, the keep an eye on events in the courts of De Shamod, then the party hops the next barge for Me Theron. From there, they take the road to Gahanis. They note the great swaths of savanna eaten to the ground by vast herds of cattle. They arrive at Gahanis and find themselves in a region with some hostility aimed at Litorians. At least two tribes seem to harrass the outskirts of the town, and Ferrethryn does her best to impress upon the town guard that she is no threat. The party takes the guard's advice and stay at the Desert Sails Inn, an immense tavern and inn topped by great sails, and visible for miles. They observe the trading and negotiations going on in the tavern, and let the people know that Ferrethryn is in town.
A short while later a Snake Totem Warrior, by the name of Selazen appears and they negotiate his services to guide them to the last known location of Ferrethryn's tribe. They also learn that Selazen was also contacted, apparantly by the same giant with the darkwood pearl topped staff. Since neither know the magister, there was some concern over what his interest is and why he brought them together.
The party heads off, and travels a week west up the Gravel Spill. They estimate traveling around 120 miles. After that they leave the trail and head into the open desert, they move through the arid land for a full day (traveling between 10 and 15 miles). That night, to no one's surprise, Selazen shows his true scales and attacks Malthus in snake form. Malthus raises the alarm and short battle ensues. The party acting in concert dispatches the snake totem warrior and retrieves his Devanian Long Sword, and Quiver of Poison arrows. On their way back to their rocky out cropping, Ferrethryn and Linneaus are attacked by a swarm of Terranas (sand pirannas). They eventually elude those creatures and rest for the remaining night.


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