Thursday, November 18, 2004

Events of week 3/8 - 3/14

Note on Dates: The Diamond Throne uses a thirteen month calendar of 28 day months, 1/1 is the first day after the winter solstice. So these dates would be roughly equivalent to February 25-March 2nd. Future Events will probably for a whole month.

1. The party returns to Ar-Ensul to recuperate from the battle with the shadows.
Everyone is back to full strength.
2.Elidia reads the runes in the ice and cannot identify them. They are unfamiliar to her, though she can't tell whether they are just more advanced, or of some different kind.
3. Linneaus begins to scout the lands around the keep.
- Finds considerable game, boars, deer, and bear.
- Discovers three small communities a couple days from the keep.
- Hillindale, ten families in a small valley in the Rough
- Diamond City, twenty prospectors on the edge of the Sea of Sparks
- Woodsedge, mixed human/faen community on the edge of the Harrowdeep
- Hears tales of a tribe of strange trolls with crystal shards embedded in their hides in the lands around the sea of shards.
- Sees tracks of some large humanoids in the Splinters (giants? ogres?)
- Finds evidence of a clear road, wheel tracks and hoof prints, heading east through the Rough.
4. The Keep is cleaned up, furniture is evaluated, most deemed not worth keeping (but a few pieces still in decent shape). Needs list formed for the keep.
- Furniture, linens, curtains, tapestries
- Various house hold goods (pots and pans, dishes, silver, candle operas, etc..)
- Livery for staff,

5. Some people are beginning to move into the village, and trying to restore the homes and shops. They've taken to thatching roofs, cleaning out the huts, and breaking down the walls of some smaller buildings. One larger building, an old inn or tavern has been remade into a drinking establishment after several kegs were recovered from Konner's mine.

6. All the warriors have been equiped with Breast Plates and weapons they are familiar with. Some well trained commoners and experts are being given additional training in armor proficiency. This will take some time to develop though. [Should they be in armor anyway, or wait for them to go up levels?]

7. Three people have expressed interest in the Lowenvale position:
- Kparis a Cloth Merchant, Exp 3rd, Human Age 40. Ambitious, Bargainer, Salesman.
- Dondo, minor noblemen, Ari 2nd Hum, Age 25 Optimistic , Foppish, has contacts.
- Solatius, Trader, Exp 2nd, Human 31. Cautious, Thoughtful. Conservative.

8. Two people have expressed interest in traveling to Del Shamod as envoys, traders, and recruiters.
- Aslowen, a caravan leader, with contacts to the trade industry. Exp 3rd, Human Age 36, diplomatic, eager, outgoing
- Darune, advocate and mediator, Ari 3rd, age 50. Gentille, cosmopolitian, well read.

9. Spirits are rising among the new citizens of Ar-Ensul, and there seems to be a general sense of optimism.


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