Friday, October 29, 2004

The Loot

The party has few funds in cold cash, but they do have letters of credit from friends and relatives in the land.
Cash = 800gp
Letter from Kur Islun = 3500 gold
Letter from Daeragn (Sibeccai River Merchant) = 1000 gold
Letter from Sonn Enra (family friend) = 500 gold
Letter from the Temple of Denethan = 500 gold
Letter from the Millers Guild = 500 gold

After checking out the Laboratory and other rooms of the Keep you discover the following.
Gold and Silver Ore = @500 gold
Crystals and Semi-Precious Gems = @500
Crystal fibres = @300 gold
Rough Gemstones = @600 gold
(All of these would be worth considerably more if the ore were refined, the crystals cleaned and cut, the fibres woven into fabric or into items. But that would require skilled craftsmen. None of the townsfolk qualify)

Weapons & Armor
30 medium Breast Plates
30 Medium Shields
2 Large Breast Plates
1 Large Spiked MW Platemail
1 +1 Large Shield
30 battle axes
3 dire mw Great axes
7 light crossbows (needing repairs)
3 heavy crossbows (needing repairs)
80 bolts
5 long bows
40 arrows
6 long swords
4 battle axes
6 Short Spears
3 small shields
1 suit plate mail
2 suits half plate
10 daggers
7 short swords

assorted broken weapons and armor beyond repair

Laboratory - goods
Scroll paper and inks (300gp worth of scroll writing stuff)
Assorted fetishes and charms (faint magic)
3 cracked magical glass plates (moderate magic)
Basic Alchemy lab (-2 to checks)
Alchemy library (+1 to checks)
1 Large pale crystal (strong magic)

Freaky unexplained stuff...
Magic Mirrored Pyramid (value?)
Medium sized Dragon statue value thousands of gold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Vor-Tarn, after taking an itemized inventory of the weapons seized from defeating the Rhodin, remarks in an off-handed fashion...)

"...Hm, Arsenal, well, that's certainly not a misnomer..."

As a player, I wanted to propose/ask something. Is there any way we could deal with the day to day management, logistics and related executive tasks of running a keep through e-mail or on the blog? I want to address those things, I've always wanted to participate in the actual running and development of a fiefdom, I just don't to get bogged down in it to the point where we don't actually progress in the adventures or plot.

That being said, Vor wants to sit down with the other advisors and hash out a few things....

(As Vor)

As I see it, one of the matters of foremost importance is establishing some sort of constabulary. If we can attract some capable soldiers or mercenaries, and perhaps train some of the more able-bodied residents of the region, we could establish a force to oversee law in the region and prevent another situation like the one we just dealt with. We definitely have the equipment to provide a standing paramilitary or police force. It's just a matter of assembling one. Security is obviously a necessary provision in the region.

That being said, naturally we'll need to come up with some plan to begin sustainable development. If we could tap into the substantial funds at our diposal, we could use that to catalyze development. I think we have enough people still in the region who, once given the chance to re-establish their lives and recuperate, and promised a decent salary, could be a good skilled work force to labor in the mines. We could also hire others to assist in refurbishing and staffing Arsenal, although we may need people more skilled than those at our immediate disposal. But we could send an envoy somewhere to see about obtaining the services required. We have a substantial task in reasserting the prominence of this keep, and the sooner we get things moving, the sooner we see Ar-Ensul begin to flourish once more.

.... That being said, I can deal with the minutiae of helping re-establish and develop a keep, but.... ahem.... does anyone know anything about negotiating with spirits residing in glass pyramids?

10:10 PM  
Blogger Scholz said...

I am strongly in favor of this idea.
I will probably generate a Ar-Ensul website with resources, NPCs etc., but having had some experience with this, I will only do it to the degree you want it. So let me know the stuff you are interested in, the level of detail, and what sorts of information you need from me.


8:31 PM  

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