Monday, September 20, 2004

Who do? Voodoo.

We find the party deep in the catacombs, still searching for Bael and Melkior, ready to encounter the next cat. They quickly dispatch is and proceed to discover two dark findings. First, a ceremony involving strange ritual magics, then an even stranger sight, a wooden sculpture of a human heart, only ten times the size of a normal one. They use some rudimentary magics to discern that the heart is magical, but their attempts to destroy threatened greater danger than leaving it. After confronting yet another, and this time larger cat, they decide to move off and lick their wounds. They are tracked by some strange zombie-like people. Among the group of zombies, is Bael, apparantly transformed into a zombie. After a sluggish slugfest, the party manages to rescue Bael and they decide to retreat to an unused section of the great castle. They try to reason with their comrade, but he is beyond normal conversation. They realize that without Melkior's magics they lack the ability to repair him. The party gets dispondant. They decide to invesitgate and see if they can learn anything from the group. Rhoddri explores and finds Melkior, or what they think is Melkior. He seems to have joined the bad guys, but when confronted he avers his innocence. He leads them on a chance to track down his staff which they hope to find with Damzella the runethane. They find her in her chambers, with a young man, and quickly overpower her. She surrenders and offers them safe passage out of the keep.
Meanwhile Bael escapes his bonds and torn by his blood lust, and fear of those same feelings he banishes himself from the castle and hides in the darkness like the monster he had become.
When Rhodri and "Melkior" go to check on Bael, "Melkior" betrays Rhodri and they have a short fight. Even alone Rhodri, vanquishes the doppleganger and later finds Bael gone.
The party decides to make haste away from Erdina towards Green Meadow. They contact Bael telepathically, and he bids them leave him. They assent to his wishes, and decide to leave him and melkior to their fates, rather than face the death cult in their limited capacity. They ride off making maximum haste with the assistance of spells to fight off their fatigue.
They are followed by a hunting party, and Bael, sensing still some tie to the party, tracks the trackers and follows them as well.


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