Sunday, August 22, 2004

New Player? / New Day?

Now that we are losing Micah/Melkior (sniff sniff) we should talk about whether we want to get a new player to fill the empty seat

Also I want to float the idea of playing weekly during the week (Wednesday would be best for me) instead of Sundays. If we played regularly during the week we could miss the occasional game without a month passing. Also we could play for shorter periods (maybe 6-10pm) or so, if they were more regular (the pressure to have everything finished each session is less if you play more often). This sort of schedule has worked really well for me in the past.

I am generally loathe to change anything that is working, but it isn't like we had a really regular schedule to being with. Anyway, give it some thought.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wanna make a plug for this as a past malaan player. when i started playing with steve we met on a weekday evening (thursdays or fridays i think), and played weekly, which worked very well... until we all got so obsessed with the game, that we we had to do the noon to 2am games on saturdays...


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