Friday, October 29, 2004

Siege Warfare

Welcome Linneaus - Human Unfettered Raccoon Totem Warrior
After observing from a distance, Linneaus meets with the party at the bridge and they plan their assault on the keep. Linneaus uses his mystical ability of transformation to change into a raccoon, and infiltrate the keep. Once there, he spies a sleeping Rhodin and using his magic gauntlets he duplicates its shape. He uses this camouflage to move unhindered through the keep. He makes for the front door and sees it protected by a single Rhodin, on the inside, though a Skurg was close by guarding the humans.
Meanwhile, Ferrethryn scouted ahead to check out the front of the keep. She reports back the information and the party advances. They wait for a signal from Linneaus, that he has secured the front door. Linneaus uses his illusory form to try to take the place of one of the guards. The party uses the distraction to leap upon the Rhodin. After a short fight, they kill the three guards. The Skurg sees them move forward and pulls back. They press the fight and take out the Skurg and several more Rhodin.
They press into the room with the hostages and send them out as quickly as they can. Then, they heal up and press into the keep pursuing the enemy. The team makes it up the stairs and finds themselves ambushed by another group. The party retreats backward a bit trying to force the Rhodin into a narrow corridor. But they fall victim to their own plan as the Rhodin Witch turns the stone floor to mud. These incapacitates the party, everyone but Ferrethryn is floundering on the floor. Things look grim for the party. A Skurg and several Rhodin continue to fight. Vor Tarn uses his Stone of Contemplation to turn to stone in hopes of escaping sure death. Ferrethryn does her best to fight the Rhodin, but falls seriously injured. The rest of the party seems to be helpless. But slowly, they begin to get back into to the fight. Linneaus invokes the spirit of his totem to scramble into the fray. Together, he and Ferrethryn manage to slay the rest of the Rhodin save for Ruqun and his Witch.
Hero Points for Ferrethryn and Linneaus
The spell ends, and the party retreats, save Vor Tarn, to the bridge. Eventually Vor Tarn awakes and manages to escape as well.
The next day they vow to press on and finish the force. They work their way to the roof of the small tower. Then scaling the third tower they discover a strange empty tower. They detect magic on the doors out of the room, but having little option Graal pushes his way into the next small room.
Hero Point for Graal
Surprisingly nothing happens. They move into the high tower. They move through a strange null magic field to a small room possessing a single ornate statue of dragon made of gold with ruby eyes. The statue stands six feet high, with a body length of at least ten feet. Graal presses past it and into the next room. They find a small laboratory with some unusual items. Not waiting to stop here they ascend the stairs and eventually encounter Ruqun and his witch. A bloody battle ensues. Ruqun is a massive and well armored foe. He unleashes furious blows on the party, but eventually with all four of the warriors atop him, he begins to falter. The witch escapes higher in the tower. With several biting blows the party slashes and pounds into the Skurg Warmain. With a series of blows, he falls thunderously.
After healing up, the party pursues the witch upstairs, and overpowers him. As they consider what to do with him, a strange voice calls out. Coming from the mirrored pyramid in the center of the room.
It demands the life of the witch. The party questions the mirror. It uses veiled threats to continue its demands. It claims to the keep itself, neither demon or dramojh, but something else. The party decides to retreat and consider what to do next.
One Hero Point for everyone.
Total Hero Points
Graal = 2
Ferrethryn = 2
Linneaus = 2
Vor Tarn = 1
Elidia = 1

Everyone advances to 6th Level.


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