Saturday, November 13, 2004

Mirrors and Shadows

The party recuperates from the events in the cave. Meanwhile we learn of Elidia's little adventure. She had decided to explore the tower and the mirror. She crept up there, and engaged the mirror in discussion. It offered her knowledge of powerful and dangerous runes. She giddily accepted and copied a rune drawn by the image in the mirror. When she completed the task and concentrated for some time, a shadowy figure rose from the rune. It followed her out of the tower, and left her breifly to 'feed' on a sleeping villager. Doing so apparantly unlocked some intellect. It sopke alramingly to her, and frightened her. She ordered it to stop feeding on people, and instead to gain nutrition from animals. It took her command and left her.
Shortly thereafter the party heard tell of a shadowy beast attacking villagers. On a moonless evening they ran out to stop this beast. Elidia playing ignorance for now. After a brutal battle in which only Ferrethryn was able to harm the beast they finally slew it. They interrogated Elidia and discovered her actions, and bade her erase the rune. She tried to no avail.
Thinking the main danger was over they went to bed to recover from the attacks that sapped their strength.
The original shadow returned and admitted to creating several spawn. She bade it leave and returnin one night, and went to to the rest of the party. They hatched a plan to trap the foul creature. Prepping mighty magics and runes they waited for the beast to return. Sadly it sensed something was a foot and demanded a command from Elidia. Thinking quickly she bade it seek out the mirror. It did and the party was able to chase it down in the tower. After a very short fight, it was slain. Again efforts were made to erase the rune to no avail.
They went back to recuperate some more. A few day slater they heard of some missing livestock out in the boneyards. They traveled to the Slaughterhouse and discovered that half a dozen Giant Yaks simply vanished, and the rest of the herd was prone to skittish behavior (unusual in Yaks the size of elephants). They caught up with the herd, took up a perch on a nearby hillock, and waiting for night. At night the herd stampeded and the party descended into the dusty remains of the herd. There they found six shodowy yaks feasting on dying Yak. They finished it in a moment and turned on the party. A pitched battle ensued. But the well prepared party faught hard, and mostly by the magicked Athame of Ferrethyrn slew the six, and seventh shadow spawn. Graal was seriously weakened by the encounter, and needed nearly a week's rest to recover from their assaults.
The party rested and prepared to head for Lowenvale in a week's time.


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