Saturday, December 11, 2004

Events of 4/4 to 4/14

Negotiations with the Jaren conclude. It buys 500gold worth of ore, and leaves unescorted.
Most of the caravan moves back to Lowenvale, leaving only, Taru the Antiquarian, Falgrod the Tanner, and the various settlers.
Graal busies himself with the adminstration of the keep, aided by Ferrethryn and Vor Tarn
Ferrethryn and Elidia work to unconver any secret doors. They find none using their magics, but eventually discover something odd by the main firepit. Signs of the movement of heavy equipment.
Linneaus spends much of his time, when not scouting the countryside, hangin out with the locals in the village. They begin to trust and open up to him.
A few days into the week a strange quiet traveller arrives carrying a letter from the courts of De Shamod requiring the presence of Vor Tarn to testify in some legal matter. He then produces another letter, was one of introduction and a plea to accept the services of the Magister Malthus from the Sodalicium Arcanus (the council of magisters), a powerful if semi defunct guild of magic users. Graal decided to accept this in hopes to make up for the loss of his trusted friend and confidant. Vor Tarn bade farewell to the party, but hoped to return one day.

Malthus made himself ubiquitous at all major conferences, and demanded access to all rooms in the keep. His insight was matched only by his steady and professional, if detached, manner. Despite his aloofness, the party began to see a valuable ally in the magister.

A brief trip was taken to the Dragon's Gate, to consult with the Ghostwatch, a band of Rangers historically charged with protecting the rich valley of the Ghostwash river from the dangers upstream. A proud group with hundreds of soldiers from distant lands in its hayday in the declining years of the war against the Dramojh, now it housed few more than half a dozen. The party consulted with the aged and grizzled commander Amkaren, who seemed more interested in the trivial issues of the boats that passed than anything else. They learned a little of their area, and of the temple to Duraga.
1. There was no historical record of sentience in the Keep.
2. The Temple was built and managed by the pre-giantish humans who lived there.
3. No giants ever found the Vaults that were alleged to be under the keep. But some evidence was found to support the idea that there was access to the vaults there.

The party made plans to bring the offering to the Sphinx at the Temple


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