Saturday, December 04, 2004

Dragon's Breath

The group decides to track and hunt down the Dire Boar that was menacing the woodsmen. After Linneaus invoked his Totem, the group was able to track the beast to a dense wood. There, after several turnabouts, it was able to attack the group. It was a short battle though, as the combined might of the party was able to make reasonably short work with the creature. They brought the animal back to the village as the centepiece of the feast.
The day of the party a small caravan approached, bearing traders, settlers, and some more unusual guests:
- The Antiquarian Taru
- A mysterious Jaren with its Earth Elemental bearer.
- A Sibbecai Champion bringing some exiles (Graal agreed to offer two of the exiles a place in the keep)

The festivities were marred by an attack of an Ogre Mage which used its magics to disguise itself as a giant. It then snuck into the keep using its flight and invisibility. It was caught by Linneaus and Vor Tarn. It dealt a devastating blow to Vor Tarn with its Blast of Castigation which for a wheil and nearly killed the Giant.
The rest fo teh party showed up, and after a tight fight managed to subdue the creature. Knowing only fire or acid could destroy it, they put it into the great fire pit where it disintegrated into ash.

There was one more evnet of note that evening. The Jaren was spotted looking into the window of the mirror tower. The party went to investigate, and the Jaren was very forthcoming with an offer to buy whatever the Keep had to sell. The party pondered what to make of this strange turn of events.


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