Sunday, November 21, 2004

Events of 3/15 - 4/3

Work on the offering to the Sphinx proceeds. A jeweler is at work to create a small statuette depicting a sphinx with a bow and arrows. It is made of gold and silver, with small gems for eyes, and the tip of the arrows. It should be ready in a few days.

A letter is received from De Shamod. They have made it safely and are living in a suite of rooms at the Inn of the Arsenal (they thought the name appropriate) located just off the civil district. They've already made some contacts with interested merchants, interested in selling their wares. They've begun plastering the squares with posters recruiting settlers.
They wish some more detailed instructions whether there are particular trades sought.

The town guard has been assigned some regular duties. They number 12 people now. They maintain guards at the Konner Mine, and the main door to the keep. Crossbows were repaired and the guards now sport these as well. Hossein, a warrior of some ability was made captain of the guard.

Woodcutting has begun across the river, and lumber has been brought across for rebuilding the village. People are feeling more comfortable in the village now and have begun to move out of the keep in greater numbers. They report signs of very large boar in the area. After one persons was seriously gored (but healed up), wood cutting stopped.

As the weather begins to warm. The main door to the keep was removed, and work has begun hammering it back into shape.
It should be able to be remounted shortly. Vor has taken to standing guard at night with some of his new recruits just in case.

A package for Ferrethryn arrives. It is a sort of scrimshaw, carved into the fang of a sabre toothed cat. She seems a little alarmed by it, and disappears with some of the maps brought along on the journey.

Ferrethryn studying some of the miscellaneous items in the laboratory finds that they are Enemy Bane charms. They will grant the Enemy Bane Template to any spell in which they are used as a component. (Fey, Monstrous Humanoid (2), Magical Beast, Outsider (3), Sibbecai)

Two prospectors engaged in a fight over a claim. Vor Tarn hears their case. He requires one month of forced labor in the mines for their fighting, and then divides the claim based on the senority of the claim.

Elidia finds a text among those in the alchemical library titled "Rites of Inquiry" the books details rituals that can provide auguries and divinations of a variety of sorts. She has begun to decipher it, and learning more of its secrets.

Preparations for the Feast of the Dragon's Breath (4/4) have begun. Early flowers have been gathered, beer and mead is being prepared. Game birds have been caught. Graal and Linneaus investigating the goring of a woodsman, have found the tracks of a dire boar (centerpiece of the feast?).


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