Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Events of 4/14 - 5/5

The spring arrives in Ar-Ensul and the people of the keep and village are kept very busy. Graal orders an extensive mission to scout out and eradicate any hostile beasts in a large radius of the keep. The party spends a couple weeks doing so. THey appear successful in rousting a small group of hippogriffs, and a couple of chorim (barbaric giants). There is some concern that the Chorim may be advanced scouts looking for easy prey among the local villages. They will probably think twice before coming down to the valley.
The larders and kitchens of the keep are being stocked, and the repairs completed.
The doors are re-hung, and a rudimentary bridge is assembled over the Diamond Run.
The villagers have split into three groups: miners who spend most of their time in the minds returning to town to resupply to sell their diggings; household staff who live in the keep, these include the town guard, the valets, cooks, cleaners, sewers, and other people who manage the castle; and the largest group, the villagers who do everything else. There is yet to be extensive farming or ranching. The giant yaks seem to ranch themselves, but the villagers keep a few sheep and goats. More livestock would be of benefit to the Keep.

Training of the guard has continued and they seem reasonably well prepared to defend the castle. It is still uncertain whether they could hold it against a large force or one of powerful monsters. Still, the keep itself should provide some protection against that.

Taru continues to push for a full examination of the door and any other part of the keep. But for now he appears to be obeying the rules laid down from Graal.

Falgrod the furrier has contracted with many of the villagers to construct him a large house. He has been paying people lavishly and also recruiting many people to hunt for him. He has contracted several local hunters to procure large game. He has not been thrilled with your efforts to make safe the area, since he is looking for big game, but he has accepted it grudgingly, not that he had much choice. Malthus has made efforts to make friends with his assistant, the Faen tanner, known as Cippi. Cippi is pretty shy, but Malthus has managed to gain his confidence. He is quite knowledgeable about dangerous beasts, and creatures of all sorts.

After the valley was cleared and appears safe, Graal gave Ferrethryn leave to find her tribesmen. She headed to Gahanis to see what she could find. The party decided to accompany her as far as De Shamod, where Graal wanted to examine the Queen's maps to determine the actual extant of his lands. It would also be a good opportunity to buy some needed equipment, and get a change of surroundings.


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