Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bright Lights Big City

The party travels to De Shamod to look at some maps, and escort Ferrethryn part way to Gahanis. They arrive and are met by a Sibeccai Noblewoman who nervously greets them. She explains that the Lord Chancellor Osara-Monn has instituted an audit of several families holdings, including Graal's. He has a group of thugs he has culled from the prisons to help enforce his audit. These 'Green Cloaks' are the worst of the worst, and have put the city in a state of fear. The party decides to stay at an inn on the far side of town in the Spicer District which is nefarious for low life, but relatively easy to keep hidden from the city's officials.
Malthus travels to the college of the Sodalicium Arcanus to research a little about the alchemical uses of the cockatrice. He discovers that the college has fallen into even worse repair, and the Sodalicium has been left with one main hall. The rest of the great college is now either storage or being used as a sort of gymnasium. He also met a foreign Magister by the name of Linder who was apparantly a refugee from the far North.

Elidia met a Verrick Runethane who asked her about her origins and offered her entrance into a secret society. She decided to meet with him later.

Ferrethryn attracted the attention of a Courtier who offered to show her the nightlife of De Shamod. He seemed to be a bit of a playboy, but definitely seemed to have an in to the upper levels of society. She was sorely tempted to join him.

Linneaus took a message to Arsenal House in the Noble ring to appraise Aslowen of recent events. They learned of Dondo's carrousing and increased monetary needs, as well as Aslowen's progress with potential settlers, many lesser families seeking refuge from the Audits. On a second visit, he ran afoul of Dondo who chased him away from the House not knowing about his disguise.

Later that night Elidia went with the Verrik (tailed by Ferrethryn) to a cellar a short distance away. He and an allied warrior ambushed her and demanded her items. She screamed for help, and together she and Ferrthryn were able to defeat the pair. After exhausting her spell in the fight Ferrethryn decided to not go out with her playboy.

The next day. A page arrived with a letter for Ferrethryn. And Graal made plans to return to ArEnsul in advance of any possible group of Green Cloaks. He bid the rest of the party head to Gahanis with all haste to liberate Ferrethryn's people and return as soon as possible.


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