Monday, August 22, 2005

GenCon 2005

Well, I didn't think I would find myself 37 and at this event. In my teenage/college mind it was something I would do while young and unattached. And yet, there I was.
1. Meeting and Listening to the real old timers" Dave Arneson, Dave Wesely, Louis Zocchi (the creators of D&D, modern Role Playing Games, and Polyhedral Dice respectively). That was really fun and interesting. The evolution of a new idea, especially one I am so familiar with, was truly fascinating.
2. Hanging with the Homies...It was a Weaselfest unto itself. Happy to meet some of the Century City gang as well. Very cool people.
3. The wonder of 20,000 Gamers. I will try to explain this in a future blog entry, not enough time today.
4. Gaming: Kudos to Mike for his quick one shot. Aquan kicked some serious butt. That Quebecois miniatures game was pretty fun as well.
5. Fuzzy Dice! The kids are happy.
Low Lights:
1. Airline Strike: Add eight hours onto my travel time. Most of which was spent sitting in a crowded tiny air terminal.
2. Fatigue: Maybe teenage or college years would have been better for the 3-4 hours of sleep a night. I am tired, and have some odd mystery bruises.
3. Watching people game. Same reason I don't watch professional sports. I'd rather have the fun myself.
4. Mastubatory Sessions: People, all people, should not be given forums (fora?) for their impromptu, unrehearsed, silly, and ill conceived jokes, anecdotes or ideas. In rare occasions this results in something inspirational or interesting or even amusing. Most of the time, it results in something boring, embarrassing, or offensive. I am now a new fan of order. I guess I am lawful after all.
5. Hotel Connectivity. Aren't modern hotels, especially those that host huge conventions, supposed to have high speed internet connections in every room: free or inexpensive?

More to come.


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