Sunday, April 17, 2005


So we are about to wrap up the Arsenal Adventures, since we are losing almost all the players, maybe all of the players, I have heard from Braden yet. Luckily it is because they are moving on to bigger and better things, and not simply because they hate me (though that might help)

So I am thinking about the next campaign. In theory some time this summer the kids will be getting to the sleeping through the night schedule again. That means, I will be more free to spend an evening gaming now and then. Lately exhaustion and parental duties have curtailed that somewhat.

So the question is, what to do? I could try to join someone else's group and play for a while. That could be fun, and less taxing than trying to run my own game. Also it would be nice not having to go through the attrition of gather a new group from scratch, never an easy proposal. I hate playing with people I am not real friendly with, and prefer to play with people that get along both in the game and out.

However, part of me wants to run another campaign on Malaan. More to the point, part of me wants to run a game in the main parts of Malaan, using characters of decent level who can interact in the politics and culture of the game. Of course, no new players would be experienced in Malaan (which is not necessarily a bad thing), but I am nervous about expecting entirely new players to grasp the politics that, even I have yet to make decisions about. I've made a couple stabs at rewriting the Summa de Malaanica, but it is such a huge document, I never get very far. Still, I could probably write up some somewhat more elaborate version of the post apotheosis page, which might be enough.
I've considered running a game in the Holy Lands, serving the gods.
A game in the Empire serving the Witchqueen.
A game in one of the Low Kingdoms of Uruhr.
I still haven't decided.

Questions about a new game
Will I continue to use Arcana Evolved? Or integrate that with the 3.5 D&D classes?
If I do, how shall I incorporate the Giants, and other new races into Malaan?
If I do, how shall I incorporate the old races into the AE system?

What style game would I run? Epic Quest? Courtly Intrigue? PC initiated adventures?

any advice from the peanut gallery?


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