Thursday, August 26, 2004

Racial Levels - Skill Bonus

I was thinking that the racial levels seems a little under balanced, compared to other class choices. I am considering granting people with class levels as having the following bonuses to skill rolls.
Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Sense Motive = Competence Bonus when used on/with other members of the race.
1st level = +1
2nd level = +3
3rd level = +5
This could pretty much be a circumstance bonus, but I like the idea of the making it an official bonus.

Is this too big?

Sunday, August 22, 2004

New Player? / New Day?

Now that we are losing Micah/Melkior (sniff sniff) we should talk about whether we want to get a new player to fill the empty seat

Also I want to float the idea of playing weekly during the week (Wednesday would be best for me) instead of Sundays. If we played regularly during the week we could miss the occasional game without a month passing. Also we could play for shorter periods (maybe 6-10pm) or so, if they were more regular (the pressure to have everything finished each session is less if you play more often). This sort of schedule has worked really well for me in the past.

I am generally loathe to change anything that is working, but it isn't like we had a really regular schedule to being with. Anyway, give it some thought.

Website Updates

I've updated the game website.
Some rules updates worth noting.
1. Clarification on DR
2. Revision for Protection from Energy, Elemental
3. New Feat - "Reactive Counterspell"
4. Medium Armor - movement rate

Sunday, August 15, 2004


Our adventures continue after a short hiatus.
The party makes for Green Meadow for the first short leg of the journey to the Norwest. There is a moment of decision right as they leave. A weak blue moon bodes ill, they show some trepidition about the journey, if they travel during a moonless night, they could face greater dangers. But they press on, their journey is uneventful, they encounter only the oddity of a dying diseased elk as well as a dying bird. The reflect that they haven't seen much in the way of life, except for those dying creatures and many murders of crows apparantly waiting for more death. bael resuces the bird and they proceed as far as they can before making camp. They are disappointed to see that the night is moonless and inky black. That night a constant succession of injured creature moving purposively past them adds to the eeriness of the situation. During Melkior's watch a strange bear-like creature appears with a feline face, but rotting and diseased. He summons a mighty ice ape which is destroyed in an instant by the massive attack of the bearcat. He succeeds in slowing the beast with his magics in time for the party to be rousted from their slumbers.
They arise and prepare to fight the creature. Now hampered by the slow spell, the party is able to make fairly quick work of the creature. During the fight they sumise that the creature was infact the dreaded undead.
The next night held an equally eerie and unwelcome surprise. There was no fight that night, only the fleeting glance at a humanoid figure. That morning they awoke to the horror of a circle of dead animals surrounding them. This worried them, but they had little they could do about it. So, grimly, they moved on to Green Meadow.
Given the night's events they were not surprised to see Green Meadow abandoned. They searched the area and did find, barracaded in the root cellar of one house, a bound, sick, injured and incoherent young man. After extensive spell casting the party was able to cure the young man of his ills, but much to their chagrin were more informative to him, than he was to them. They also found signs that the townsfolk had attempted to gird themselves with a ruin against the undead.
They spent the night with no trouble, but they found that their mules had contracted some sort of odd disease. They used up much of their magic healing the mules and made for Erdina, the likely source of this ill wind. They also discovered for the first time that an enchantmest was responsible for some of this effect.
The journey to Erdina was without a problem, and an initial scouting of the ancient city showed no sign of life, or unlife. They did find a number of dead animals at the shore of the Alkali lake being feasted upon by gulls, unafraid of whatever diseases or illnesses led them there.
They left the porters and mules a safe distance behind and entered the city as a group. They walked down the main boulevard and approached the great castle. There, they stopped by the iron gates. They retired to a nearby building and Khord donned a strange feathered mask and sat down in meditation. To those gathered there it appeared he went into a trance, but from his perspective he took to the air as an astral falcon flying high above the keep, and deep inside it. He saw an empty but clearly active keep, including lit braziers. Fearig spending too long in that form he returned to his body to tell the others of his discover.
They began to debate the best approach.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

DR/Magic Weapons

I am working on a hybrid of 3.5 and AU DR rules for the Malaan game. I like the way Monte Cook explains it in the most recent
DMs Only.
I think I will be incorporating something like that as well.
The gist is as follows.
We will keep the AU designation of DR5/+1 DR5/+2 etc.. and add the 3.5 designators of Silver, Holy, etc...(Though not alignements) (I may introduce some of my own as well). At higher plusses, the magical bonus of a weapon will override the lower powered designators...
Probably a little higher than Monte's though.
Silver or +3, Holy or + 4, etc...
I will produce a chart with this in the near future and add it to the rules page. Any comments in the mean time?

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mousers Reunion

They say you can't go home again...bah.. sure you can, if you home is on Malaan.
Years apart, nearly ten years since the last real game... and yet the gang was in good form. We all got along, we all had fun, it was a whole new and yet very familiar experience. I miss the Mousers much, but it is really great to know that we can get together and play without a problem after so much time and distance.

I really hope the gang gets together, at least some of them, and games again together. It worked well.

Suffice to say, the Mousers saved the day, helped out their old buddy Kent and got to see the future, in a sense.

Thanks for a great game guys... we'll do it again next time.